Tuesday, 2 February 2016

My Stila Cosmetics Faves: Liquid Lipsticks, Cushion Eye Liners & Water Color Blushes

Hello! Sharing a few of my current faves from Stila today.

Ahh, it's always happy days with Stila Cosmetics! I think my first (none-drugstore) eyeshadow was "Kitten" by Stila. It was so pretty and it was named "kitten". In marketing speak, "it sells itself."

My collection of stay all day liquid lipsticks & plumping primer


The stay all day liquid lipsticks are amazing. They lasted through-out the day and even through a bowl of laksa (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Laksa). They do slowly wear off a bit but evenly and there is a bit of a stain left which is still quite pretty.

When paired with the lush lips primer, the colour of the lipstick is intensified. There is a slight candy scent to them which is not unpleasant. There is no taste to them, meaning neither sweet nor waxy like some lipsticks. The texture is smooth as you apply it. It does set fairly quickly, so I would suggest using a matching lipliner or a lip brush to pick up the colour to line your lips, then fill it in using the applicator.

It is not uncomfortable on the lips. Nor drying. I would recommend using the primer or a lip balm first to prime you lips so that it does not settle into any lines (if you do have them).

The only downside is, that obviously the applicator is about twice the length of a normal lipstick, i.e. the length of the tube as seen above. This is a design issue. The same can be said for the Kat Von D, LA Splash and Anastasia Beverly Hills liquid lipsticks. So, having a long applicator makes it a bit difficult (e.g. in the car or when you have to apply it quickly) to apply on the go if you are used to a normal lipstick, which is about slightly longer than half the length of these liquid lipsticks.

Got Inked Cushion Eye Liners

The Got Inked Cushion Eye Liners are innovative. As you can see from the photo above, there is literally a cushion inside the little pots of colour.

It's innovative, but also necessary because the formula of the liner is that it is watery. They are a slightly more watery liquid eyeliner. Hence the need for the cushion so that they could sell it in the "pot" style packaging. You use it with their La Quil eyeliner brush (my favourite) or any eyeliner brush.

That being said, most liquid eyeliners do come with a brush, for example the famous K-Palette eyeliner.

A very popular Japanese product

So, it is troublesome to have to carry a little pot of eyeliner and a brush as well, if let's say you wanted to glam up your look after work to attend a date or a party.

As for lasting power. AMAZING.

Beautiful huh? Applied on bare skin (no primer)

Of the four that I have, Garnet is the only one that has a matte finish. These swatches stayed on my hand for approximately two days. They survived washing dishes, two showers, multiple hand washing and other house chores. The colours only slowly began to break down over time after about 26 hours or so.

That's pretty cool.

Aqua Glow Water Color Blush in shimmering lotus

I've also been enjoying the aqua glow water color blushes. They are SO pretty.

The effect of these blushes are a bit like the iope cushion blushes but without the sunscreen.

Great packaging

There is a net inside the pot and the texture of the blush is more of a very watery gel. It can get messy. As I am a germaphobe, I use a disposable sponge to apply them or if I run out of such sponges, I use a cotton ball and pick up the tiniest amount. It goes on sheer and you can build up the colour.

I would not recommend using a brush. It will get very messy.

They both have tiny tiny shimmering gold micro-crystals in them.

Lasting power: pretty decent. Through out the work day.

It feels most refreshing applied on a hot day. 

Downside, again, hard to apply on the go due to the packaging design. I think the iope one is better suited for touch-ups. I carry those in my work bag.

My instagram pic that took me ages to do.

So what are your favourite Stila products? I've just got the new convertible colour palettes and I've yet to test them. Would love to hear what you think!

Yours Truly and Lots of Love, TeaCupofMakeup

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