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Monday, 11 July 2016

Sephora Exclusive Brands Showcase 2016 Part 1

The beginning of a beautiful Saga (for me anyway, I left exhausted and very happy!)

I'm so impressed that they managed to turn a run down factory into this!! 

The basic layout - lots of places to sit and have a coffee and sample the yummy foods they provided. I have a green smoothie and about, uhmm, 5 croissants filled with different things. Looking at beauty products is hard work!

The first stand I visited

New packaging for the Vinosource moisturiser

Wine from the Vineyard where Caudalie is made. It is still very much a family owned business.

Always a hit! 

Becca's famous champagne pop palette and new glow sticks and blushes.

New mini palette from It Cosmetics, one of my fave brands. I think this is out in the USA already.

The updated contour kit plus a new amazingly soft contour brush

The happy concealer duo! The pink one is a brightening one. I did receive one and will review it for you.

New lip colours - Je nais se quoi

I loved this stand! I have a video that I will upload later of the kind gentleman talking me through everything.

I need this. This changes any BB cream, foundation etc into a matte finish. AND it smells brilliant.

The bottles on the left are the new luminizers. Their so new, they haven't got the packaging done yet!

Marc Jacobs' new offerings

The very exciting Air Blush Soft Glow Duos. I also received one, so I will review that for you.

This year's Christmas offerings. Sadly, they will not be coming out with a mega eyeshadow palette like last year. Boo

This year's MJ's Christmas offerings.

A few new products from Givenchy

THIS I WANT!! It's a black lipstick/balm that transforms the colour you are wearing on your lips.

Some new powders and nude lipsticks from Givenchy. I was expecting more exciting things but they didn't seem to have that much to show.

Free Hair Make Over - Lucky her!

One of my fave stands. This is Edible Beauty. Skin care that you can eat. It operates by a number systems. The creator, Anna, is a naturopath and nutritionist as well. How well is everything designed?

Gorgeous Edible Beauty Products - watch out for my review!

Percy & Reed

Very Macho Reed on the left and Fabulous and so gracious Percy on the right. I love Percy. I wish he was my best friend. He really took the time to take me through the products!

I can't wait to try out my Wonder Overnight Recovery. It really absorbs quickly and doesn't leave any nasties on your pillow or face or hubby's face!

This is so cool!

I want everything!

Clean Reserve prides itself on being eco responsible, eco conscious and eco friendly. The tops of the bottles are made from recycled oak. Even the testers that the fragrances were sprayed on for me to test were made from recycled wood chips.
Stay tune for my review of this too, as I was gifted a travel set of quite a few fragrances.

Pretty stand, NOT very nice salesperson. She spent 5 seconds saying it's from Scandinavia and the rest chatting up another salesgirl.

Oh well. That was good for me though, cause I could move things around and style them for photos and test and test away!

The products are good.

Very light serum, absorbs quickly. Faint scent.

I enjoyed smothering myself in these two :)

Studio 10's offerings. No new products.

The founder of Studio 10 - a very talented lady!

Ole Henricksen's new offering, the 3 step Power Bright

Step 1 Exfoliate; Step 2 Wash/Mask; Step 3 Moisturise

This smells like Marmalade

Its in stores now and I've tried mine and it was gorgeous! I want more please!

Zoeva - I love you!

The Rose Gold Brushes that are available on Zoeva's website

The new Caramel M--- something (I forget)  palette. Beautiful and a must-buy

The new Blanc Fusion palette - also a must buy!

Zoeva's Christmas offering, the 2 new palettes plus Cocoa Blend

How exciting!

Barbara (sister of Zoe Boikou, the founder of Zoeva Cosmetics) demoed this really incredible multi-use highlighter.

The consistency is a bit like jelly but sets to a powder. 

The arrow shows where she swatched it.

The colours are divine. 

Beautiful Barbara (sister of Zoe Boikou, the founder of Zoeva Cosmetics)

Zoeva is coming out with more lip products. Liquid lipsticks in matte and gloss finish. LOVE!!!!

The new haircare everyone is talking about

Look at it! The packaging is amazing!


Final Thoughts: This part 1 of my Sephora Exclusive Brands Showcase. There are heaps more photos to show and brands to talk about. So please be patient as I edit each one. I also have to show you what I got in the massive goodie bag!

Yours Truly and with Lots of Love,