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Ellis Faas - Glam Makeup without brushes!

Hello! How have you been? I'm sure you are all busy with preparing for the Holidays, so thanks for stopping by! 

I've finally tried Ellis Faas' makeup line! Here in Australia, it is sold at Mecca Cosmetica (if you are overseas you can buy it here, and I've always admired the Ellis Faas display with it's very modern and clean design. 

Vogue magazine and celebrities like Cate Blanchett, Mary J Blige and Gwyneth Paltrow have raved about this line. 

The Ellis Faas Makeup line offers a full range of foundations, face powders, concealers, eyeshadows in different finishes, lip products in various finishes, masacaras, and eyeliners, as well as accessories like holders.

As you can see, I bought quite a lot!! I got a bit carried away playing with it at the Mecca Cosmetica store in Balmain in Sydney. I think I was seduced by the sleek design and very pigmented colours.

The foundation is called "Skin Veil". I got the shade S103 which is the 3rd lightest shade. I thought it was a good match for me.

There are 8 shades to chose from. It is a mineral foundation and includes Vitamin E and also includes ingredients which give you up to SPF 15 PA+++.

You can choose to purchase the foundation either in a bottle or in the pen format.

The Foundation Bottle holds 1.01 fl oz of product and costs US$90 (in Australia it costs AU$110) . The Skin Veil Foundation pen comes with 0.23 fl oz of product and costs US$65 (in Australia it costs AU$76 - I won't be putting the Australian prices for the rest of the products but just a note that they all cost around AU$10 more than the USA prices). 

I chose to purchase the pen format for it's convenience and fast application. To be honest, when I found out how much MORE product comes in the bottle, I felt a bit miffed :( BUT I had to remind myself I was essentially paying for the cool silver pen.

Each Skin Veil pen comes with two foundation cartridges. It's pretty easy and quick to slot into the silver pen. I'm not sure, but I think it is possible to refill the cartridges with the foundation from the bottle is you wanted to. The pen is a click pen. I felt the product came out well and it was easy to control how much product I wanted. The brush was quite soft but still firm enough to make application easy.

The foundation is easy to blend and sets quickly. It has a very light texture.

I also got a matching concealer and a blush. It was very easy to pick the right concealer as the last number of the concealer corresponds with the last number on the Skin Veil pen/foundation. So as I was a S103, my concealer colour is S203. 

The "S" stands for Skin - I thought this was pretty neat 
The blush I chose is a peachy pink colour (there are 4 colours in the range). Both the concealer and the blush blended well and also set quickly, making them a very good product for days when you are in a rush.

The pens are in the twist up format unlike the Skin Veil which is a click format.

The brush on the concealer & blush pens are the same

I got 5 of the eyeshadows. 4 in the Creamy Eyes formula (E105, E106, E115 and E124) and 1 in the Lights formula (E301).  The Creamy eyes formula gives you a velvet matte finish. The Lights formula gives you a more metallic eyeshadow.

There are 21 shades in the Creamy Eyes formula and 5 shades in the Lights formula.

It is important to note that the brushes are quite stiff when new, and that it is best for you to brush it against your skin for a bit to loosen the brush up. This will make application much smoother.

I found that the eyeshadows in both formulas were smooth, easy to blend and buildable (as sheer as you like to opaque). The pens are in the twist up format.

Unfortunately, one of the Creamy Eyes pen did not work (the one in E105). I kept twisting and twisting and twisting but nothing came out. I was quite gutted by this as it is difficult to return makeup in Australia.

I was happy with the size of the brushes on the eyeshadow pens. 

Small enough to give you some precision and big enough that with a few swipes you can cover your eyelids and build up the colour.

For the lips, I got a Creamy Lips pen in L104 (deep fuchsia colour)  and a Glazed Lip pen in L309 (clear).

I liked how light the Creamy Lips formula feels on the lips. So pigmented, yet I did not feel like I was wearing anything on my lips. It also has a staining quality. It is meant to be a long wearing formula.

The Glazed Lips formula which is the brand's lip gloss was so so. I found it a bit slippery. It was not sticky though. Don't you hate it when your hair gets stuck in your lip gloss?

The brand also carries other formulas like the Milky Lips (a shinier and more liquid version of the Creamy Lips) and Hot Lips (bold striking colours in the Creamy Lips formula). 

The last item I purchased was the Ellis Holder. Yup that's the round tubey silver (and so seductive) thing you see in the photo above.

It has six slots for your conealer, lippies and eye colours.  The bigger middle slot is for your Skin Veil pen.

I weighed it with it fully loaded and it was about 321grams to 350grams. I was just using my cheapo kitchen scales.

In the lid, there is a mirror and space for you to put in your Ellis Faas face powder. The Ellis Faas powder is sold as a refill (does not come with it's own case), so you either have to put it in this holder or purchase a separate compact for around US$12. I didn't buy the powder as I felt it was similar in texture and finish to Rimmel's Stay Matte. 

I think this cylinder holder is a design marvel. As you twist the bottom, there is a mechanism that pushes your pens up one by one - HOW COOL!! The middle slot has a spring loaded action for your Skin Veil., so when you take of the top, your Skin Veil pen pops up and says "Hello!".

You can remove the bottom of the holder (in the photo above it is in the middle with that sponge like thingamajig).

Mini Rant

Ok. first up, I love, LOVE, L-O-V-E the makeup. The product is so pigmented and it's so easy to get ready with. The design of the packaging is divine. BUT... I was a bit grumpy because 2 of the 9 products I purchased were faulty. 

The first was the Creamy Eyes in E105 which had no product no matter how long I, my husband or the sales assistant tried to twist it.

Apparently there have been some issues with getting the product to come out of the pen. See below paragraphs which come from

The second was that the Holder I got was weird, as the lid of my Skin Veil pen just kept getting stuck in the container whenever I took my pen out and the only way it could come out was if my husband (using some amount of extra strength) pull the darn bottom out. 

Both I was able to exchange for working ones, but I find it hard for a brand that is quite expensive to have such poor quality control. 

Watch my video review

In my youtube video, I do a full face tutorial / demo.

My Video Demo

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  1. wow!! the pics are amazing!! what camera do you have? yOU ARE looking BEAUTIFUL!!! xoxo L.

  2. Great review beautiful. I watched your video and the foundation and concealer looks really good on you. Xxxx

  3. E301 , S302 , L104c are my faav !!! Im gonna watch the video right now... i wanna see and know more abt theese products !!
    I dont know if i can find them in Romania...even if i do, are tooooooo expensive for my collage life.