Wednesday, 5 November 2014

2014 Holiday Sets Part 1 - Urban Decay, Too Faced, Tarte, Marc Jacobs and Shiseido

It's the MOST wonderful time of the year. Tra La La!

I always look forward to the last few months of the year, not solely because of the Holidays but because of all of the BEAUTIFUL gift sets and limited edition beauty items that almost all of the brands release.

Some of the brands start releasing their Holiday Limited edition items as early as September. AND there are also the Autumn/Winter fashion and related beauty items. Further more, a lot of large chain stores like Sephora and cosmetics companies like Urban Decay & Tarte hold their annual 20% off sales around this period.

Watch my video review for live swatches!

More photos below!

First up, we have Urban Decay's Vice 3

As per last year, Urban Decay released its limited edition/collector's item in September - the Vice 3.

UD's releases are always highly anticipated, so you can bet that I was sitting in front of my laptop, pressing the refresh button on the day it came out.

This year's Vice 3 comes with its own carry bag. Which is nice, as it keeps your palette nice and clean. I noticed that it was very easy to leave finger prints on the Vice 3 case.

Vice 2 on the left and Vice 3 on the right

I feel that the colours in the Vice 3 palette are a lot more vibrant.

Swatched on bare skin - no primer used

Not all of the colours swatch as well as each other, especially the lighter toned colours. However, when I was applying it on my eyes, on top of UD's primer potion, the colours applied like a dream and are very creamy. Please watch my youtube video review to see a demo (link to my video is up top).

This palette retails for US$60.

Too Faced - Everything Nice Palette

As you can see, the palette will not fit in the bag (?!)

On the Left is this year's palette, on the Right is last year's

This year's palette includes some brushes and a deluxe size of the Better Than Sex Mascara
This year's palette is thicker than last year's!

I'm not too keen on the brushes. I wish they included a lip product like last year instead

Look Book that is included with the palette

All swatched without primer
 Some colours appear to swatch chalkier/dryer than others, but there were only a few like that.

They always include the Chocolate Soleil Bronzer in all of their kits!

I found the cheek products to be a bit chalky and dry. I was surprised by this as my other Too Faced's chocolate Soleil is nice and creamy. Also my sweethearts blushes that I have, feel a lot nicer than the blushes in this palette, and not as dry. Nonetheless, the cheek products in this palette are very pretty and as everything matches the eyeshadows, it's pretty easy to create looks with this palette.

To see live swatches click here

This palette retails for US$56 and I think it is such great value.

Tarte Brushed With Destiny Set

This set retails for US$44 and is AMAZING!! For $44, you are getting 6 brushes (actually 5, but one is a double ended brush). Normally, a Tarte Brush retails for around $30 something. So if you love brushes (and Tarte make some really soft and beautiful brushes), this is the set for you.

I found this brush set on the Tarte website.

Marc Jacobs Limited Edition Style Eye-Con No.7 - Plush Shadow in The Parisien US$59.00

I am in love with this palette! The mixture of blues, greys and the addition of the plum colour makes this palette quite versatile.

The middle colour (sandy taupe) is quite unusual, as it is a beige colour with a grey undertone. It is also the only matte colour in the palette. All of the rest have little (very fine and not chuncy) glitters in them.

This palette retails for US$59. For live swatches click here

Shiseido Sparkling Party Palette

I saw this online and really liked the design of the palette.

So far (at least since I started really getting into makeup 3 years ago) I have not seen a palette from Shiseido that includes eye shadows, blush, eyeliner and lipstick. This one has all of that!

I just love the design and how compact it is.

The white square that you see in the middle is a creamy white eye base colour with fine glitters in it. To use this palette, you first apply the white base and then apply the other eyeshadows.

As with most palettes, this one includes a little blush brush, a double ended eyeshadow sponged tip brush and a double ended liner brush. 
I do like this palette very much. I think you can use the blue eyeliner in many ways - as a base, to define your lower lash line, or as an all over the lid colour. I found that each of the powder items were nice and creamy.

This palette retails for US$50. For live swatches click here

I think the colours swatched quite well

Thank you so much for reading! As you got this far, here are a few hugs and kisses from me!


  1. love the pictures and the palettes! hope you will feel better and do some tutorials with them! kisses dear and can't wait to send you some new palettes;)

    1. Thank you!! You encouragement is... I have no words to say it but that I feel so blessed by your friendship!

  2. Love how you present all the products !!!
    You have such a wonderful ideea to write , to post it !!
    Keep goin' and please NEVER GIVE UP !!!! You deserve a lot !! More than you have now. I honestly don't understand whay ppl don't know about ur YT channel or blog.
    You are beaautiful <3 , funny and smart.
    Love the picturesc with UD palette and also with Too faced <3 words
    Congras !