Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Anna Sui Cosmetics - It's all coming up Roses!

Hello my lovelies! I recently purchased 3 of the Lipstick M lipsticks from Anna Sui (because the packaging is to die for) and I thought I would do a review of those lipsticks and 2 other items I own from Anna Sui's cosmetics line.

The first item I ever purchased from Anna Sui's cosmetic line was the Rose Cheek Colour in #300. Honestly, I really only purchased it because it was sooooooo beautiful. I'm a sucker for cute packaging. :)

This blush retails for US$30 and can be found online at websites like &

On, it is described as:

"This moist, sheer powder retains a dewy, glossy finish. Use a single colour or in different combinations to compliment your look. This Rose Cheek Colour has a delicate sparkle and the signature Anna Sui tea rose scent."

I totally agree! It does have a creamy texture and applies like a dream. On me (combination skin) it lasted for 5 hours and I just needed a little bit of touch up to get that rosy glow back. Unlike other multi coloured powder products, I found it much easier to pick up distinct colours to apply, and I liked how I could customise the cheek colour this way. To do this, I used a smaller, pointed blush brush, like the Studio e.l.f blush brush (which I think is a very good dupe for Wayne Goss' blush brush).

This is how it swatches if I swirl my brush over all of the colours. Isn't it pretty?

Anna Sui Eye Color Palette, Rock Me

Anna Sui Eye Color Palette, Rock Me 0.5 oz (15 g) 

Now on to the eyeshadow palette! If you follow me on Youtube and/or Instagram, you will know that I have a weird obsession with palettes. I think I must own close to a hundred (oh dear!). So I could not give this palette a miss! This palette retails for US$42 and can be found at

There are 10 shades in the palette and they do have that signature rose scent. I have to say, I do find rose scents a bit sickening after a while, but I am proud to report that the rose scent of the Anna Sui products is not over whelming, and tends to go away after a while.

This palette contains a lot of mid-tone colours. Except for the white, the peach (next to the white one) and the sparkly black, the rest of the colours are mid-tone shades. The shadows are soft and creamy to touch but I was a bit surprised by the amount of "kick up" I had after dipping my brush in. I noticed quite a bit of fall out from these shadows, even though they blend very well.

Here are some swatches on my hands without primer.

Top row colours:

Bottom row colours:

The bottom row colours do come across more pigmented! I think the dark moss green colour (right next to the black is divine. Watch my youtube review (link below) for a demo of how these eye shadows perform on the eye.

Now on to the Lipsticks!! 

I saw these online and just had to have them! I'm really not much of a lipstick girl as I do not like to bring attention to my ugly teeth (:0), but these lipsticks were just too pretty to pass by.

Super cute packaging! 

Anna Sui Lipstick M in 370, 371 and 770

Arghh!! Can the packaging be any prettier?!!

They look like marbled pieces of art

There are currently 3 in the Lipstick M series. Each retail for US$30 and can be found here. There are other new lipsticks in what is called "the Lipstick V" series but those are monotone and not duo toned like these. Which is what makes them SO special!

All three have a smooth and creamy consistency that is quite light on the lips, yet moisturising. From descriptions online, they claim to be hydrating, which I quite agree with. As far as I could tell, they do not have a taste. There is of course that faint rose scent that comes with all of the Anna Sui Cosmetics line.

Except for #371, the other two have a sparkly (#330) or metallic (#770) finish.

First up, #370 Coral Shell x Pearl White (get it here).

#370 Coral Shell x Pearl White (source:
Look at it!! How beautiful is that!?! I am a big sucker for anything with stars and anything pink! This combines the both of best worlds. :) On my lips, they come off as a light frosty pink. You definitely need to make sure your lips have been scrubbed and well moisturised as this colour accentuates any dry spots! The colour sure is pretty!

Me with #370 on

Next is #371 Deep Pink x Maroon Brown (get it here)

#371 Deep Pink x Maroon Brown (source:
#371 in daylight
I was surprised that this looked very different in person then what it shows as online. As you can see from the photos above, it actually comes across as more purple in colour. I liked that very much about this lipstick. This shade was more forgiving and the two colours blended into a very lovely berry colour on my lips. This is the type of lip colour I tend to gravitate to and you can see a slight purple shade peeking out. What's that called? Is it Fuchsia? LOL

#371 on my lips
Now for #770 Pearl Beige x Orchid Purple (get it here)

#770 Pearl Beige x Orchid Purple (source:
This is OMG, KAPOW, WOW, AMAZING, GORGEOUS all rolled up in to one. Online, I was not able to see how it would come out in real life.

In daylight.
I think this is my favourite out of the three. I didn't quite understand why this was not named #372 and why they skipped forward to #770. This lipstick is not for wimps. This is a statement lipstick. I loved how metallic it was, yet it was so soft and light on the lips. I did not feel any grittiness in the formulation at all.

#770 on my lips
Watch my video review to see live swatches of all these pretty products from Anna Sui:

Thanks so much for reading! See you all soon. xoxo and blessings!


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    1. Thank you so much dear friend! I dedicate this first blog post to you! Thanks for your encouragement. I quite enjoy blogging :)

  2. These are so adorable and pretty... I think I could die for this eyeshadow palette and rosy blush ohh.... I wish I could afford them
    Ps the lipsticks looks amazing on you ;)

    1. Thanks so much! They are very pretty aren't they? I got all of the products on sale (20% discount on + cash back of 4% through ebates). Go sign up to their sites! I have links above and in the info box in my youtube video. xoxo

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